Leave the Children Alone

Associated Press June 30, 2019, the Russian President Vladimir Putin said something, now whether he has done this it is not for me to say but, the American Politician can learn something from Putin’s statement.

“Let a person grow up first before making a choice, to be gay” Putin said. “Let the Children be in peace.” We should not allow the LGBT community to spread their immoral way of life to the young and vulnerable Children in America. But what I have seen and read the Politicians are letting these perverts do as they please. Read the full article: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/putin-fires-broadside-against-western-105835567.html

The America Church must speak out and not just their organizations but as individuals. The reason this is happening is the Church is silent on these issues, and what is their fear, lose their tax-exempt status, they are cowards.

Someone called me a Russian Troll because of saying Putin’s comment is on the mark and, to be honest, I do not care what people say. If Putin did this, then he and his country care more for Children’s moral life, then we in the United States.

The LGBT community are perverts, and they understand if you get the child when he or she is young, you have them. America, get off your dead butt and let’s do something about this stupidity that the LGBT want to push on our beautiful Children.

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History Moving Events


In the affairs of history that have occurred, there are four that matter,

  • Christ’s Birth
  • Christ’s Death
  • Christ’s Resurrection
  • Christ’s Return

Continue reading

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The Day of the Lord


Laziness has blinded the Church in its study of God’s Word. While the Church believes it has the power to quicken “The Day of the Lord.”

“The Day of the Lord” will not come without signs, these signs are for the watchful in their faith. Continue reading

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When is a Couple Married?


At what moment does the man, and the woman unite as one in holy matrimony? For hundreds of years, there are ceremonies before witnesses. Just before this marriage ceremony ends, the individual presiding will announce, “You are now husband and wife.” At this moment society recognizes the young couple as married. So, when are these individuals united in marriage before God? Continue reading

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What is the Oldest Profession?


There are many articles on the Internet stating prostitution is the oldest profession on earth. One will find over fourteen million hits saying prostitution is number one, by just typing (what is the oldest profession) it into the search field. Continue reading

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Several Wives & Adultery


Do those individuals who get divorced and remarried live in the perpetual sin of adultery? What does the Scripture say on this so-called issue of chronic infidelity as sometimes portrayed and perpetuated by the Church as a reality? Should these individuals get divorced again? Continue reading

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Creationism v Evolution


Evolution has enslaved the hearts and intellects of man in society. The scientific communities’ egos have made this philosophy their god with no evidence to support their theory. A theory based on time plus chance bringing us; order out of chaos. Continue reading

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