God’s Not Dead – In America

God, Is Not Dead

The Christian Church in America gives the world the impression that God is Dead. The reason for this assumption is the Church is quiet on most issues, from immorality and homosexuality.

Our God is power, and the Church has forgotten this characteristic of Him. The God of creation can change and bring enlightenment to the souls of mankind. Yet, we as His subjects have failed Him, our cowardice shows the Church as weak. Continue reading

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Let me ask a question, what if God’s people as in Old Testament times, put on Sackcloth and humbled themselves before the God of Creation and prayed to change America would it come to fruition? Continue reading

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The Silence of the Church Voice

What is happening to the Christian community in America, why have they not called out the liberals on their actions toward this Supreme Court Candidate? We can regain a semblance of morality and balance in America and save our freedom of speech if we take a stand.

However, the Church is just standing with its head in the sand and their hands in their pockets; this is sickening.

Then these individuals have the nerve to call themselves Christians, has the Church forgotten we are in a state of war against spiritual forces attempting to destroy all Christian values.

Wake up Christian and take a stand.

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Many Christians today believe one should just step out in Faith (take the leap) at the point of rejecting the Scriptural teachings on “reason.” It’s hard to see the veracity; some have in pushing Faith as merely a “blind leap.” This article will try to show that Faith is “concrete,” and rests upon the person of Jesus Christ, and the prevenient grace of God, and teaching us that faith is an intellectual decision not an illogical “leap.” Because of God’s grace one now comes to the reality he or she is a sinner needing a savior as God opens the eyes of the individual. Continue reading

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The Sin of Silence

I read the news from several resources every day. Though I have not discovered anyplace where the Church in America speaks out on the immorality running rampant today. Is the Comfort-Zone of the Church a self-imposed prison that keeps them hidden from their Jerusalem? Continue reading

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The Allowing of Murder By The United States Supreme Court

The Supreme Court 1973:

In 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled that abortion is legal in all fifty states this court ruling sets the groundwork for the genocide of helpless citizens. This poor child came under a death sentence, for being an inconvenience to the mother violating her right to privacy. Continue reading

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The Excellency of Love


We will look at, “Love” and see how many people attempt to interpret 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, as it lacks true understanding by many. I hope after reading this article, one will understand these verses.

There are many, who say, I love, but I am weak in kindness and other areas. However, from this study, one can hope that one will see the true meaning of “Love.” For this love comes from God and since it comes from God, all its attributes, unified into one thing, love. Continue reading

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