Oldest Profession


There are many articles on the Internet are saying Prostitution is the oldest profession on earth. One will find over fourteen million hits saying prostitution is number one, by just typing it into the search field.

Individuals who subscribe to this have little to no biblical knowledge. The truth is the oldest profession as God communicated this early in Genesis is agriculture, that is farming.

The Real Oldest Profession

According to Scripture, it is the farmer, not the prostitute. The first farmer was God as He planted the garden and then put Adam in it to care for this garden. Adam now becomes a farmer caring for his food.

In Genesis 2:8, it says,

The LORD God planted a garden toward the east, in Eden; and there He placed the man whom He had formed.

While Adam and Eve were in the garden, there was no sin in the world so the practice of prostitution could not be the oldest profession on earth.

After Sin Entered

Before prostitution could even take root, there had to be a population of people, and that was going to take time. Adam and Eve had to have children first, then for them to grow to adulthood after that one can say it was a free-for-all. No one can say when prostitution started, but one could say, however, that it was the number-one factor in the destruction of the moral values of humanity.

Prostitution falls under the category in Scripture as, adultery, or fornication, they are one in the same and committed by the prostitute. A prostitute is an immoral person.

The Dirt Farmer

The next time you see a farmer and think he is on the bottom rung of the social ladder, stop, think again. Remember, it was God who was the first farmer and God greatly honored this profession by making it the first job for a man to do. There is no sin in being a farmer as long as your attitude is correct before God.


Farmers deserve our respect and thanks, bear in mind; they provide food for us. Farming is a hot, dirty job and all we do is go to the market and grab what we need off the shelf then go home. Be thankful for the farmer whom God has provided for us.

Sola Scriptura– By Scripture alone
Sola Fide– By Faith alone
Sola Gratia– By Grace alone
Solus Christus– By Christ alone
Soli Deo Gloria– Glory to God alone

Copyright Dr. George L Gallant, ©2016

All quotes are from the: New American Standard Bible, ©1995.


About Dr. George Gallant

I have had the opportunity to work in many fields in my life, and excelled in all of them. I started as a mechanic in the Army then went to the Infantry in Vietnam. After returning to America, I worked as a mechanic for a few more years off and on until I found a position as a Dialysis Technician until I became a Chief specialist in a major Boston hospital. In 1981, I became a Police Office in a small town in Northeast Georgia and continued to work with law-enforcement for seven years. I also preached the Word of God in the Toccoa community and wished that I could have found a church that would have taken me on to preach every week. In 1993, I became a computer programmer for many years and loved that job much. In 2003, my wife came down with the worst breast cancer one could get, so I retired and took care of her until her passing in 2006. Then in 2007, I moved to China and started teaching both verbal English and American History to high-school students; this by far was the best job I ever had. Sola Scriptura– By Scripture alone Sola Fide– By Faith alone Sola Gratia– By Grace alone Solus Christus– By Christ alone Soli Deo Gloria– Glory to God alone
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