Three Moral Events that Changed America

Here are momentous events that changed the moral foundation of America:

  • Roe v. Wade 1973, allowing abortion on demand.
  • United States v. Windsor 2015, sanctioning of homosexual
  • New York has allowed the murder of a child to the day of birth.

These insane and immoral issues transformed the dignity and integrity of the United States of America before the world.

These issues should be up to the people by a vote if we are a real democracy, but five individuals of the United States Supreme Court based on their progressive liberal ideology have subjected the people to this immoral way of life. Point of fact. NO place in the United States Constitution dictates an individual may marry or to put the innocent to death as the abortionist has done over the past several decades.

The United States has allowed the murder of the innocent by a medical doctor who should render care and the United States Supreme Court who has sworn to protect the innocent has turned its back on the unborn child for this woman’s right to go out and “bang” someone else. Even our Congress has looked the other way as millions of children massacred in the name of freedom for this “so-called” mother to have sex with anyone and her hatred of raising a child.

Think for a moment, doctors who killed the unborn child, could this happen to the older people well past their prime, are they murdered in nursing homes and this event covered up by the administration?

Dear friends, please read this small section of The Hippocratic Oath.

Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course. I will not give a woman a pessary to cause abortion… I will abstain from intentional wrongdoing and harm.

The question is how many doctors take this oath today and abide by these ethical standards; one can assume that most people becoming doctors today do it for power over someone’s life and money. Individual seventy or older grew up believing that medical people were to relieve pain and suffering, but to our chagrin, we discovered the truth. Many doctors do not care anymore for life unless it is at the Country Club.

Sola Scriptura–By Scripture Alone

Sola Fide–By Faith Alone

Sola Gratia–By Grace Alone

Solus Christus–By Christ Alone

Soli Deo Gloria–Glory to God Alone

Copyright Dr. George L Gallant, ©2019


About Dr. George Gallant

I have had the opportunity to work in many fields in my life, and excelled in all of them. I started as a mechanic in the Army then went to the Infantry in Vietnam. After returning to America, I worked as a mechanic for a few more years off and on until I found a position as a Dialysis Technician until I became a Chief specialist in a major Boston hospital. In 1981, I became a Police Office in a small town in Northeast Georgia and continued to work with law-enforcement for seven years. I also preached the Word of God in the Toccoa community and wished that I could have found a church that would have taken me on to preach every week. In 1993, I became a computer programmer for many years and loved that job much. In 2003, my wife came down with the worst breast cancer one could get, so I retired and took care of her until her passing in 2006. Then in 2007, I moved to China and started teaching both verbal English and American History to high-school students; this by far was the best job I ever had. Sola Scriptura– By Scripture alone Sola Fide– By Faith alone Sola Gratia– By Grace alone Solus Christus– By Christ alone Soli Deo Gloria– Glory to God alone
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