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When is a Couple Married?

Introduction At what moment does the man, and the woman unite as one in holy matrimony? For hundreds of years, there are ceremonies before witnesses. Just before this marriage ceremony ends, the individual presiding will announce, “You are now husband … Continue reading

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The Pulpit is For Men

Introduction Why are women not allowed to preach in the Church? What does the Scripture say? The question is, does the Church have a place for women to minister as teachers over men? Can a woman be a pastor or … Continue reading

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Three Moral Events that Changed America

Here are momentous events that changed the moral foundation of America: Roe v. Wade 1973, allowing abortion on demand. United States v. Windsor 2015, sanctioning of homosexual New York has allowed the murder of a child to the day of … Continue reading

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Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

Introduction There are many Christians, who believe if they divorced before becoming a Christian, he or she has no problem for remarriage. These Christians claim this previous marriage means nothing, and in the sight of the Lord, it has no … Continue reading

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Simplicity of Faith

Introduction It is hard to see the honesty; many have in pushing Faith as a “blind leap.” This article will try to show that Faith is “concrete,” and rest in the person of Jesus Christ.

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Allowing the Innocent’s Murder

Introduction In 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled that abortion is legal in every state. This ruling has now set the groundwork in motion for the genocide of helpless citizens. The innocent child sentence to death because the mother … Continue reading

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