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The Homosexual Marriage

Introduction The homosexual may have achieved their goal by the United States Supreme Court ruling in their favor to marry, but in the end, they will all lose. In this article, we will show that marriage is and has always … Continue reading

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When Does Marriage Occur

Introduction At what moment does the union of a man, and a woman become one in holy matrimony? For hundreds of years, there are ceremonies before witnesses. Just before this marriage ceremony ends, the individual presiding will announce, “I now … Continue reading

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Multiple Wives & Adultery

Introduction Do those individuals who get divorced and remarried live in the perpetual sin of adultery? Does the Scripture say anything about this so-called issue of chronic adultery as sometimes portrayed and perpetuated by the Church as a reality?

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Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

 Introduction There are many Christians, who believe if one is divorced before becoming a Christian he or she has no problem for remarriage. These Christians claim this previous marriage means nothing, and in the sight of the Lord, it has … Continue reading

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