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Satan’s Tool

Introduction We will look, at the meaning of Denominationalism in its result, of the division that is anti-Biblical. We see how it affects the prayer that Jesus made to the Father for the unity of the Church. We will also … Continue reading

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The American Immorality

Introduction The situation of a dooms’ day mentality is tough to avoid in America. The immorality endorsed by the government allowing marriage right to homosexuals is a crime against God. The Supreme Court supporting immorality has unleashed a torrent of … Continue reading

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Creationism vs. Evolution

Introduction Evolution has enslaved the hearts and intellects of man in society. The egos of the scientific community have made evolution a god with no evidence to support their theory. A theory based on time plus chance bringing us; order … Continue reading

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The Gospel is a Simple Message

Introduction One wonders why the Christian community will say those who teach the Gospel must have a Bible school degree, why? Often, these highly educated individuals will not always quote from scripture, why?

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Gay Person Desires Their Homosexuality

Introduction God did not create the gay person. The homosexual’s desire to bellow that God created them this way is a lie from their father, Satan. For an individual can only have one of two fathers, it will either be … Continue reading

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The Simplicity of Faith

Introduction It’s hard to see the veracity; some have in pushing Faith as a “blind leap.” This article will try to show that Faith is “concrete,” and rest in the person of Jesus Christ.

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Farming is the Oldest Profession

Introduction Have you ever stopped to think where all those vegetables come from that you select with ease at the market? How about the hands that pull those carrots, potatoes, and many other vegetables from the ground, or from vines … Continue reading

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