The American Immorality


The situation of a dooms’ day mentality is tough to avoid in America. The immorality endorsed by the government allowing marriage right to homosexuals is a crime against God.

The Supreme Court supporting immorality has unleashed a torrent of possible problems for many perversions in America. A lawyer will take a case to court one day and argue their client’s Constitutional rights are violated. So, Child pornography, incest, bestiality and a host of other vile perversions is private, and the court should keep their hands off. Continue reading

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Creationism vs. Evolution


Evolution has enslaved the hearts and intellects of man in society. The egos of the scientific community have made evolution a god with no evidence to support their theory. A theory based on time plus chance bringing us; order out of chaos. Continue reading

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Sex Change


With all the news on the Internet about the transgender, it was important to express the Biblical view of the topic. So, a few questions have been raised, and one can only hope answered. Continue reading

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The Gospel is a Simple Message


One wonders why the Christian community will say those who teach the Gospel must have a Bible school degree, why? Often, these highly educated individuals will not always quote from scripture, why? Continue reading

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Gay Person Desires Their Homosexuality


God did not create the gay person. The homosexual’s desire to bellow that God created them this way is a lie from their father, Satan. For an individual can only have one of two fathers, it will either be God who is perfect and pure or Satan, who is a liar and evil. Continue reading

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The Church Today


Why does music seem to have such a prominent place above Scripture in the Christian Fellowship today? Is the “Modern Church” teaching the whole counsel of God or is it just tickling the ears of the attendees? Why should we have such grandiose edifices only used a few times a week at most? What about the thousands that go hungry and sleep on the streets, does the church care about them? Continue reading

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Tyranny of the Church


Perilous times are at hand that will affect true Christians. The Biblical Prophets foretold these things would come to pass. However, the last several generations of Christians in America seemed to have ignored the signs. This article will present before the reader, that Christians will suffer persecution at the hand of evil. This article will also show the United States Supreme Court is supporting this evil calling it a constitutional right. Continue reading

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