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Introduction Let me ask a question, what if God’s people as in Old Testament times, put on Sackcloth and humbled themselves before the God of Creation and prayed to change America would it come to fruition? Advertisements

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The Silence of the Church Voice

What is happening to the Christian community in America, why have they not called out the liberals on their actions toward this Supreme Court Candidate? We can regain a semblance of morality and balance in America and save our freedom … Continue reading

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Introduction Many Christians today believe one should just step out in Faith (take the leap) at the point of rejecting the Scriptural teachings on “reason.” It’s hard to see the veracity; some have in pushing Faith as merely a “blind … Continue reading

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The Sin of Silence

I read the news from several resources every day. Though I have not discovered anyplace where the Church in America speaks out on the immorality running rampant today. Is the Comfort-Zone of the Church a self-imposed prison that keeps them … Continue reading

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The Excellency of Love

Introduction We will look at, “Love” and see how many people attempt to interpret 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, as it lacks true understanding by many. I hope after reading this article, one will understand these verses. There are many, who say, … Continue reading

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Killing in America

Introduction Guns are not or ever will be the problem. The problem is the heart of man as the word of God teaches.

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Tyranny of the Homosexuals

Introduction To all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, perilous times are at hand. Jesus Christ and the Prophets foretold these things would come to pass. Though we speak against the evil of our nation, we must remember this world … Continue reading

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