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The Failed Test of Lucifer

Introduction I would like to advance a theory of the fall of The Bright and Morning Star. This individual is Lucifer, but more commonly known as Satan. This writer does not believe that between Genesis 1:1, and 1:2 resulted from … Continue reading

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The Beginning – God

Introduction Many fellowships claim to be Christian but deny the validity of the first eleven chapters of Genesis, why? Why is it so many consider these chapters to be a fable with no value?

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Gay Person Desires Their Homosexuality

Introduction God did not create the gay person. The homosexual’s desire to bellow that God created them this way is a lie from their father, Satan. For an individual can only have one of two fathers, it will either be … Continue reading

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Tyranny of the Church

Introduction: Perilous times are at hand that will affect true Christians. The Biblical Prophets foretold these things would come to pass. However, the last several generations of Christians in America seemed to have ignored the signs. This article will present … Continue reading

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Farming is the Oldest Profession

Introduction Have you ever stopped to think where all those vegetables come from that you select with ease at the market? How about the hands that pull those carrots, potatoes, and many other vegetables from the ground, or from vines … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court Allows Murder

Introduction In 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled that abortion is immediately legal in all fifty states. This ruling has now set the groundwork in motion for the genocide of citizens who are utterly helpless. This poor child came … Continue reading

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God’s Creative Act: Genesis 1:1-2

Introduction The Earth is not billions or millions of years old, but just a few thousand years old. Many Christian educators and pastors would try to convince many believers that there is a vast amount of time between Genesis 1:1-2, … Continue reading

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